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Challenge ID: 01
Decoding Seizure Activity

Champion Name: Pierre Wijdenne

Skills Needed: Machine Learning, Data Science, Matlab

Our understanding of brain function under normal and various pathological conditions remains limited, due in large pa…

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Challenge ID: 03
Engineering LED photoconversion chambers

Champion Name: Alexander Lohman

Skills Needed: Prototyping, 3D Printing, Optoelectronics

This project is aimed at constructing LED-based photoconversion chambers to photoactivate/convert fluorescent and opt…

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Challenge ID: 02
Wearable Neurotechnology for Concussion Management

Champion Name: Chris Duszynski

Skills Needed: Signal Analysis, Prototyping, Machine Learning, 3D Printing

Many concussion injuries are mismanaged in emergency departments, sports medicine clinics, and athletic facilities be…

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