Universal remote controller paired with BCI

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Hosein Bahari (E.I.T), Corinne Tuck (OT)

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Brain-Computer Interface lab located at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital utilizes BCI technology to provide pediatric population with means for environmental control, power mobility control and leisure. We use the output of Motor Imagery and p300 paradigms to control smart-home devices, toys, power wheelchairs, and to play video games. One of our current challenges is to control remote–controlled cars/drones/toys using BCI. The output that we can obtain from our BCI learning algorithms is in the form of TCP or UDP buffer messages. We would ideally need a software and hardware package that would detect the type of signal that a remote controller transmits and mimics that to generate the same signal once a certain TCP/UDP message is triggered. The hardware piece will eventually replace the remote-controller and should have the same range as the remote controller (if not longer).