Community Projects


is a revolutionary stroke diagnostic tool developed by Dr. Chris D'Esterre that significantly reduces the time to diagnose a stroke and unburdens clinicians from using clumsy software currently available on the market.

The team at Neuro Nexus 2019 developed a software package for the algorithm that is now being used as the basis of a product at Andromeda Medical Imaging.

Sequence 2 Script 

efficiently translates pharmacogenetic testing results into clinically useful medication selection and dosing recommendations in a format acceptable to clinicians.

Team members from Neuro Nexus 2019 are continuing the project with Dr. Chad Bousman at PsychPGx Lab.

RIC Technologies

provides paramedics with a multi-limbed wireless device to mitigate the adverse effects of strokes.

Now Cortian Medical, the Neuro Nexus 2019 team is building on their original blood pressure cuff design with guidance from original project champion, stroke neurologist Dr. Aravind Ganesh.

Measure What Matters

empowers disability service providers with accessible tools and visualizations so they can better perform analysis to improve programs for families and individuals dealing with adversity.

Neuro Nexus team members completed the project with Dr. Brittany Finlay at the School of Public Policy in 2019, after which the tool was made live.

TIC Tracking

Sensor driven data gathering of tics in people with tourettes to accurately gauge effectiveness of treatment.


Mental Health and Treatment Coordination Hub provides simple access to an assortment of mental health resources based on demographics and issue type. 

Now RESILIEN Confidential Wellness Wayfinder, the project is been continued with original project champions at Canadian Mental Health Association (Calgary), and was one of 31 projects to receive funding from the City of Calgary through its Change Can't Wait! initiative.