Our Partners



Campus Alberta Neuroscience

Launched in 2009, is a catalyst and connector, a way to bring basic researchers, applied scientists and clinicians together. It is a single community, a neuroscience “superhighway” between the Universities of Lethbridge, Calgary, Alberta.



Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program offers a unique opportunity to work with leading researchers across campus to advance knowledge and find solutions to improve human animal health and wellness in Engineering, Kinesiology, Medicine, Nursing, Science and Veterinary Medicine, to make new discoveries, and to make a difference in the lives of people around the globe.


Graduate Students’ Association

The University of Calgary Graduate Students’ Association represents the collective interests of graduate students to governing bodies of the university, all levels of government and the surrounding community of Calgary. Established in 1967, and having approximately 6500 members, the GSA is charged with the social, academic and practical well-being and growth of graduate students on campus.


Exergy Solutions

Exergy Solutions, founded in 2013, is a rapidly expanding company of versatile and talented technical professionals. We are experts in combining agile project management and disruptive technology to accelerate innovation. Our custom solutions leverage immersive virtual reality experiences, a wide range of 3D printers and in-house prototyping workshop to turn concept into reality with quality and speed. The Exergy team believes in the passion of people and strength in diversity. We create productive relationships where people collaborate and thoughts collide, for a constructive environment aimed at re-inventing the competitive advantage and diversification of our economy.


Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

As one of Canada’s preeminent centres of artificial intelligence, AMII thrives in its unique role bridging world-leading research and industry. They cultivate scientific excellence, develop talent and coach businesses on AI adoption



The Owerko Centre

The Owerko Centre at the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute is dedicated to studying neurodevelopmental disorders and child mental health. The centre draws its support from a large group of multidisciplinary researchers across the University of Calgary with expertise encompassing a broad range of neurodevelopmental and pediatric mental health research in basic, clinical, health services and population health.


Hotchkiss Brain Institute

The Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI) is an internationally recognized centre of excellence in brain and mental health research and education, based at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine and working in partnership with Alberta Health Services. The HBI is composed of nearly 750 people, spanning 16 academic departments and nine faculties working towards a shared vision.


Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI) is a multi-faculty, interdisciplinary teaching and research institute located at the University of Alberta. It is home to over 150 scientists and clinicians, spanning across all areas of neuroscience and mental health. 


Univeristy of Calgary Biomedical Engineering

BME Calgary initiative is educating the next generation of leaders for the bio-economy with our multidisciplinary training programs that involve over 250 students, 60 faculty members and 6 faculties, and include a direct-admit graduate program and an undergraduate specialization in biomedical engineering.


Glenrose Rehabilitation Research Innovation & Technology

The GRRIT mandate is to advance rehabilitation research and innovation that improves the quality of life for people with disabilities in both the clinical setting and community through cooperation with academic and industrial partners.



Platform Calgary

These are exciting times. The next wave of shared prosperity is being generated in our city, in front of our eyes. By working together, we can make Calgary a global hub for startups and innovation. Platform Calgary is focused on three core areas of work: placemaking, acceleration, and advocacy.


Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

API is a not-for-profit institution with an expert interdisciplinary team that works with a network of collaborating organizations. As a whole, they provide the expertise, services, and infrastructure of a pharmaceutical company. They help innovators launch their ideas into the real world, connect industry to the services they need for commercial success, and accelerate all aspects of the drug development process.


Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Branch Out accelerates tech solutions and non-pharmaceutical approaches to neurological disorders. Our vision? A world free from neurological disorders. 


Edmonton Regional Innovation Network

The Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN) is a coalition of organizations in the Edmonton region that support innovation, technology, and knowledge-based startups and enterprises. Our collective goal is to build a collaborative, cohesive innovation ecosystem that efficiently connects entrepreneurs to resources, capital, customers, and the community through alignment of service providers. 




NeurAlbertaTech a Student Club at the University of Alberta in association with NeuroTechX which promotes development and education in the neurotechnology space. 

Become an Ally

Neuro Nexus catalyzes innovation for brain science, neurological disorders, and mental health conditions.

Projects undertaken during the program help researchers, clinicians, community professionals and industry members de-risk an idea and connect with top talent, and empower young innovators with rare experiences to work on meaningful projects and hone much needed 21st century skills. Teams and project outcomes are tracked and proudly shared as they graduate into the ecosystem and begin to make their impact.

Partnering with us plants an image of who you are and what you have to offer in the minds of software developers, engineers, scientists, doctors and entrepreneurs as they begin their careers.