On Memory Neurotechnologies

On Memory Neurotechnologies
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Dong Song, Phd; Garrett Flynn

Challenge Description

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It is becoming increasingly accepted that user-centered design is critical for the development of effective neurotechnology devices. However, researchers remain skeptical about using qualitative feedback to guide low-level technical decisions for early-stage devices. We will evaluate the effectiveness of interactive media to source useful feedback from non-expert stakeholders (i.e. patients and the public) on memory neurotechnologies—particularly our own proof-of-concept neurostimulation device for restoring memory function in dementia.

We will design and produce an interactive explanation of our hippocampal memory prosthesis. This will take the form of an interactive website (e.g. https://parametric.press/issue-01/on-particle-physics/) that contains explorable explanations of Alzheimer’s disease, brain stimulation therapies, and our neurostimulation device for memory restoration. Our website will collect reader feedback through embedded feedback forms, then organize such feedback on a researcher dashboard for qualitative analysis. We will launch this website at the conclusion of the 2020 NeuroNexus competition and leverage user feedback to create design recommendations for the future of cognitive neurostimulation.