Power mobility using SSVEP

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Hosein Bahari (E.I.T), Corinne Tuck (OT)

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Brain-Computer Interface lab located at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital utilizes BCI technology to provide pediatric population with means for environmental control, power mobility control and leisure. Most of our clients currently control their power wheelchairs using 3 switches (left, right and forward). These switches, based on the functionality of the patient, are installed on the head-rest or handles of the power wheelchair. We are aiming to use BCI to reduce the number of required switches or to entirely replace all the switches. Our proposed approach is to utilize a SSVEP paradigm associated with only two flashing light sources for controlling Left and Right turns. The forward motion can still be controlled using a single switch. The outcome of this project will be a software and hardware package that can be installed on a power wheelchair. The hardware piece will have two 3.0 mm jacks as output which will replace the switch controls. The software piece should have a built-in control loop that would prevent sudden or unsafe turn commands. A commercial EEG measurement cap or a custom designed cap can be used (should be able to accommodate pediatric population).