Bounce forward with psychological assets

Bounce forward with psychological assets
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Brenda Leung, PhD

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Chronic psychosocial stress is known to impact mental health by way of metabolic dysregulation, inflammation, and oxidative stress. Positive adaptation can counteract negative stress and overcome adversities, which may explain why certain individuals seem protected against the poor mental health consequences of adverse events. To understand how certain psychological “assets”—such as nature relatedness, positive emotions, mindfulness, and optimism—are accumulated and employed to act as physiological buffers against the negative impacts of psychological distress, we are looking for a research tool to measure individuals’ exposure to the psychological “assets” to monitor their mental/emotional responses and adaptive behaviour change over time. The Neuro Nexus Challenge is to develop a device/tool (software and/or hardware) to tally the “psychological assets” e.g. nature relatedness, positive emotions, mindfulness, and optimism to bouncing forward from adversity to new ways of thinking and doing.

For a solution, I imagine something like a fitbit that tabulates # steps, sleep rhythm, heart monitor, etc. In this case, the device will collect data on “psychological assets”, where it's low, it can give recommendations, local resources, to increase those assets"; in addition it will measure mental/emotional well-being. Ideally it can be adjusted for different age groups.