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Do you have a challenge in brain science, neurological disorders, or mental health?

If you have a challenge and would like to find a multidisciplinary team of innovators to help solve it, then let us know here by filling out the short form below.

Challenges form the basis of projects on which a multidisciplinary team will work during the 6-week program. We welcome challenges at any stage of development, and from doctors, nurses, patient experts, caregivers, healthcare administrators and entrepreneurs, as well as community and industry professionals. 

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Learn more about what’s involved by reading the Application Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements.

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Submission deadline: Monday, September 28th

(extended from Friday, September 19th)
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Solution Description (If you have one in mind) Briefly describe any idea(s) for how this challenge could be addressed with technology, if applicable. Recallthat challenges will be selected based on their
1. Ability to be addressed with technology,
2. Novelty,
3. Feasibility,
4. Positioning for Impact,
5. Need for a multidisciplinary team
6. Alignment with competition theme (brain and mental health).
Project Track * Select the one that best describes the context of origin and/or long-term motivation of your project. The Project Track determines the pool within which the team will compete, as well as the nature of the award:
Entrepreneurial: Seed funding to support subsequent commercialization endeavours. ($10K First Place, $5k Runner-Up)
Research: Grant to support interested team members as they continue the project with your lab. ($10K First Place, $5k Runner-Up)
Industry: Neuro Nexus will pay interested team members' wage to continue the project at your firm until the award funding is used up. ($10K First Place, $5k Runner-Up)
I am submitting as part of the Neuro III BRAIN CREATE program
If selected for featuring at the competition, I would like to publicize my challenge prior to Pitch Day. If you check below, your challenge title, description, and recorded pitch will be uploaded to our website for public-viewing prior to Pitch Day. This will drive interest from highly-skilled talent.
If selected for featuring at the competition, I would promote my challenge via my social networks (e.g. Twitter): Cross promotion through your networks will help build the program for years to come.
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Extended Challenge Information (Optional Fields)
Completion of these fields is optional, and will not affect the outcome of your application, and will be used for continuous improvement purposes. Complete any and all that apply.
Summary of Market Research or Literature Review: Please describe existing solutions and the gap that motivates this challenge.
Skills needed: Please list which skills or supplementary knowledge areas you think you need, or would be useful.
Prior work and intellectual property position: Please describe any prior work on this project in your group and your intellectual property sharing position if known.
Long-Term Project Aspirations: If the project is a success what third-party funding or investment opportunities do you know of to support taking it further? What downstream incubator or accelerator programs would you be interested in participating in?

Program Availability & Expectations
After submissions close on September 19, challenges will be screened and selected by an external committee.If my challenge is selected, I understand that accepting to participate in the program involves the following.
Attend a 20-minute Virtual Champions Consultation *: (We will work with you to find a time (Late September/Early October 2020). The consultation is intended to help you get the most out of the competition. The workshop will introduce each of the featured challenges and cover program design, intellectual property considerations, and what you can expect on Pitch Day.
Create a 5-minute pitch that will be recorded at the Consultation *: A pitch template template will be provided to you via e-mail upon form submission confirmation. Pitches will be recorded with a member of the NN team during the Virtual Champions Consultation.
Attend Team Formation of Pitch Day *: Afternoon of Saturday, October 17th (3 hours, timing TBD)
Guiding my team during the design program *: The level of involvement is your decision and depends on your schedule, the needs of the project, and the dynamic within the team. You may opt for a consultancy or mentorship role, a strong contributory role, or a project management/leadership role. The design program unfolds over 6 weeks (October 17 -November 30)