Syeda Rubbia Mahnaz

Syeda Rubbia Mahnaz

Slack: Syeda Rubbia Mahnaz

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Operations Management, Presenting/Pitching, Entrepreneurship, Fundraising, Project Management, General Research, Patient Assessment/Care, Problem Solving, Research


3rd-year BS.c in Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology


University of Calgary

I like to be called Rubbia, and I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. 5 years ago I immigrated to Calgary, Canada. Currently, I am studying cancer immunology in adult patients and how it causes pancreatic toxicities. I am passionate to become a neuro-oncologist and clinical researcher. In the upcoming year, I want to apply to med school. Outside of my studies, I am a researcher for a migraine study, as well as a volunteer research assistant in an epilepsy lab at the Foothills Hospital. I am also currently working full time as a Founder and President of a volunteer-run non-profit called Youth Achieve. It has been a month, since I was able to launch this mentorship program, together with my executive team. With this program, I believe that immigrant high school students will be provided with the resources and networking opportunities, that will help them in career navigation. In my free time, I love to develop music, practice my singing and read a wide variety of books. A recent hobby for me is spending a lot of fun time with my Youth Achieve team, to foster growth and better connections with each other. I love making a lot of trips to my birth country Pakistan and going on long drives on the streets of Lahore is my favourite activity. Lahore is by far my most favourite place on earth, because of all the memories and friends I have there. One day I plan to start a Non-Profit organization in Lahore, that advocates for patient's rights in the Pakistani healthcare system.