Rohit Yeast

Rohit Yeast

Slack: Rohit Yeast

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Python, C/C++, Java, Front-end & back-end dev., Critical Thinking, Problem Solving


Bachelors of Science, Software Engineering


Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary

I am a third year software engineering student attending the University of Calgary. Growing up played soccer at a very high level while working to get my high school diploma. My biggest strengths are problem solving, my work ethic and my ability to learn quickly. These skills played a big role in my success in university up to this point and in finding good summer employment the past two summers. I am aspiring to break into the technology industry this upcoming summer and from there, start a career after I graduate. I am interested in learning more about machine learning and data science as I get closer to graduating. I think those are both very exciting topics with enormous potential to progress and better humanity as whole.