Pragati Patel

Pragati Patel

Slack: Beginner

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Business planning/modeling, Marketing & branding, Presenting/Pitching, Entrepreneurship, Market Research/Analysis, Video/Photography, Patient Assessment/Care, Communication, Product Design, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving


Law and Society Major, Biological Science minor (4th year)


University of Calgary

I am a fourth year student at the University of Calgary. I plan on going to medical college and becoming a surgeon. I have some entrepreneurial experience from when I participated in a program called Junior Achievement through my high school. It was a fun program where I learnt marketing strategies, customer satisfaction, pitching ideas before we decided on what we would sell and presenting it to customer when we were selling the product, planning out how to start and expand business. I recently started working as a caregiver so I have started gaining some hands-on patient care experience. I already did have some experience with patient care from when I volunteered at an Old Age Home but that was just making them laugh and talking to them, keeping their mental health in check. Other than that, I love photography. I have a bunch of pictures and videos of dogs and cats on my phone, and some from my hiking trips.