Portia Rayner

Portia Rayner

Slack: Portia Rayner

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3D Modelling/Printing, Python, C/C++, Soldering, Biosensor Design, Operations Management, Manufacturing, Presenting/Pitching, Fundraising, Project Management, Video/Photography, General Research, Communication, Product Design, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


University of Alberta

I am a third year mechanical engineering undergraduate student at the University of Alberta. I am interested in how technologies like open source electronics, 3D printing, and soft robotics can be used to create rehabilitative or assistive devices. I enjoy working on hardware projects and I have been teaching myself to program in Python and C/C++. Some of my personal projects include developing a device to detect injury in ankle tendons/ligaments and creating an open source prosthetic hand that can initiate grasping motions based on proximity and image data to improve ease of use. I look forward to learning about more brain science + mental health and working on an interesting project!