Mira Patel

Mira Patel

Slack: @Mira Patel

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Marketing & branding, Operations Management, Logistics, Stakeholder Engagement, Fundraising, Video/Photography, Survey Design, Patient Assessment/Care, Audio Design, Product Design, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving


Bachelor of Science - Biological Science


University of Alberta

I have been inclined towards robotics since I was in elementary school and have been a part of a team that representing Canada at the FLL International Championship in Arkansas, for two years. I bring a skillset of robot design. Lego robotics was a stepping stone into the more specialized field of Mechatronics, and I am hoping to gain exposure to advanced applications of my beginner level exposure into robotics.I have worked with BrainSTEM Alliance to develop an application, to introduce to the Girls Inc. Program. The mission was to involve young girls in Chemical Engineering concepts (Process Flow Diagrams), through a drag and drop type game that digitalized one of their workshops. This project was meaningful to me as I participated in the same workshop through the Girls Inc program, years ago. However, back then the workshop was simply drawing the Process Flow Diagrams onto a poster board. One of my favourite past involvements has been an internship for patient care, at a senior's home. I lead morning exercises, many activities, and most importantly got to learn from various life experiences. I learned how physical fitness has a close connection to brain health. Many seniors pointed out my cheerful and optimistic mindset and how that energy is was very contagious. Hope to bring this same energy to the NeuroNexus program as well!I am currently the Operations Manager for RoboGals at the University of Alberta, and hope to grow my skillset, by being exposed to unique minds through this program. I aspire to bring my learnings back to the RoboGals program and inspire young girls to continue their involvement in STEM fields in the near future.