Michael Francis

Michael Francis

Slack: Michael Francis

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3D Modelling/Printing, UI/UX Design, Python, C/C++, Machining, Soldering, Circuit Design, Data Analytics, Front-end & back-end dev., Welding/Fabrication, Geospatial Mapping, App Development, Presenting/Pitching, Print Design, Audio Design, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving


Studying undergrad


University of Calgary

Idea Builder & LauncherHello, mysterious being of three dimensions! Until we meet - where I can hear you - I'll introduce myself as a fourth-year undergrad studying mechanical engineering at the University of Calgary, but that I have broad skills reaching into software development for stroke care and data analysis as well. Also, my experience is broad, as I am a traumatic brain injury survivor, and I feel that my unique experience is a source of the passion I have for biomedical engineering and neurological health.