Khaled Elmalawany

Khaled Elmalawany

Slack: @Khaled Elmalawany

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3D Modelling/Printing, UI/UX Design, Python, C/C++, Java, Soldering, Circuit Design, Machine Learning, AI Technology, Front-end & back-end dev., Firmware Development, Biosensor Design, Bluetooth Communications, App Development, Business planning/modeling, Presenting/Pitching, Entrepreneurship, Market Research/Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement, Project Management, General Research, Survey Design, Communication, Product Design, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Research


Electrical Engineering with Biomedical Minor


University of Calgary

I am quite active on campus and in the community. I really enjoy applying my various skills and abilities to a broad range of activities and involvements, such as the president of Tutoring Education Centre, in Student Politics, as a Schulich Wellness Peer Helper, a volunteer at Alberta Health Services, an executive member of the Calgary Egyptian Association, and many more. When I'm not working, I love to travel, which I would do as Tennis Canada Officiator, sadly COVID-19 put a hold on that (you can see me at the VanOpen in 2019 in that picture). A quick fun fact about me is that I am part of a set of triplets so there are 2 more who (almost) look like me. I was also involved with Innovation 4 Health in 2019 and look forward to bringing my skills to Neuro-Nexus!