Katarina Vagaja

Katarina Vagaja

Slack: Katarina Vagaja

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Marketing & branding, Presenting/Pitching, Market Research/Analysis, Fundraising, Project Management, Video/Photography, General Research, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving


MSc Neuroscience


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

I am a biotechnology graduate currently enrolled in the 1st year of research master program in Neuroscience at VU University Amsterdam. My main interests are dementia, epigenetics, therapeutic applications of VR technology in neurodegenerative diseases, and (neuro)marketing. My goal in life is to work in neurotech field and be a part of the fourth industrial revolution. By participating in NeuroNexus 2020 I wish to learn what it takes to be an innovator as well as use my knowledge in product placement, market research and social media outreach in practical manners.