Jett Penner

Jett Penner

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UI/UX Design, C/C++, Circuit Design, Business planning/modeling, Marketing & branding, Operations Management, Logistics, Presenting/Pitching, Business Technology, Entrepreneurship, Market Research/Analysis, Project Management, General Research, Communication, Product Design, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Research


Software & Biomedical Engineering


University of Calgary

Second year software engineer, minoring in biomedical engineering. Interned as a marketing and communications coordinator for a consulting firm (involving research, business planning, marketing, social media, etc). Interned as a UI/UX and SEO/SEM tech for a safety compliance management software company (encompassed web design, graphic design, SEM/SEO, backlinks, etc). Won the Family and Care category for the 2019 Innovation 4 Health competition (as Inuka Health, created an offline translation app for third-world countries, and developed a wristband to store patient data). In the competition, I was in charge of research/marketing/product design/product management/creating a business plan, and was involved in the UI/UX side of the app.