Jessica Revington

Jessica Revington

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Business planning/modeling, Presenting/Pitching, Market Research/Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement, Fundraising, Project Management, General Research, Survey Design, Patient Assessment/Care, Communication, Clinical Trial Management, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Clinical Operations, Research


Bachelor of Nursing (BN); Bachelor of Science (BSc - Student)


University of Calgary

I am a BSc student pursuing an after-degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary. Much of my previous experience is in healthcare - my first degree was a Bachelor of Nursing (BN) from the University of Calgary. During my time on campus, I have worked extensively as a student leader and advocate, holding various leadership roles within the University of Calgary Students' Union. Most recently, I completed a term as the organization's first female president in over a decade. In addition to my experience in student advocacy and organizational leadership, I have also worked in clinical research at the Alberta Children's Hospital. My research experience has primarily been in the field of pediatric emergency medicine - specifically, on how pediatric patients experience pain at different stages of treatment in the emergency department for upper and/or lower limb injuries. I have also had the opportunity to support a variety of research projects with different focuses - these projects include the evaluation of current standards of care in emergency medicine, the efficacy of public health campaigns on various target populations, and the long-term impact of concussions on pediatric patients.