Gurjot Gill

Gurjot Gill

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Data Analytics, Presenting/Pitching, General Research, Patient Assessment/Care, Communication, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Research


3rd year Biological Sciences


University of Calgary

My name is Gurjot, and I'm a 3rd year biological science major. I entered NeuroNexus to be involved in impactful research and neurotechnology development. I hope to gain skills in entrepreneurship, and biotechnology design/development. I'll admit that I am lacking in professional skills that would be useful for this competition, but I am excited to better myself by learning new things from my peers, and other skilled individuals. I can offer critical thinking, problem solving, and a mindset that incorporates growth and perseverance. I am in the process of learning R to perform statistical analysis, and I can expedite the process if it's required of me. Overall, I'm excited to be participating in NeuroNexus, and looking forward to helping in any way I can.