Govind Peringod

Govind Peringod

Slack: tpgovind

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3D Modelling/Printing, Python, Soldering, Circuit Design, Machine Learning, AI Technology, Data Analytics, Business planning/modeling, Presenting/Pitching, Business Technology, Entrepreneurship, Market Research/Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement, Fundraising, Project Management, Patient Assessment/Care, Communication, Print Design, Product Design, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Research


BASc Engineering Science (Electrical/Computer); Emergency Medical Responder; MSc Neuroscience; PhD Neuroscience (ongoing)


UToronto, Professional Medical Associates, UCalgary

Hi! I'm a PhD student, and love all things brain! In a past life, I studied electrical/computer engineering at UofT and have some experience with business pitches, market analysis and reviewing patents. Excited to bring something to life in this competition :slightly_smiling_face: