Drishti Munjal

Drishti Munjal

Slack: U01CE3H9G6Q

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Video/Photography, General Research, Communication, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Research


BSc in Kinesiology (4th Year)


University of Calgary

I am currently in my fourth year pursuing a BSc in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. I have a deep passion for the human brain and how it connects to our bodies. I am also interested in raising awareness of mental health issues and removing the stigma around them. I am a research volunteer at the psychosocial unit at the Holy Cross Centre and I would like to gain more experience and knowledge within the neurological field. By joining Neuro Nexus as an innovator, I am looking forward to working with lots of people from diverse backgrounds and gaining a tremendous amount of experience. I want to use this unique opportunity to make a real-world impact and learn skills from many other fields.