Araz Minhas

Araz Minhas

Slack: Araz Minhas

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UI/UX Design, Python, C/C++, Java, Machine Learning, AI Technology, Data Analytics, Front-end & back-end dev., App Development, Presenting/Pitching, General Research, Survey Design, Communication, Product Design, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Clinical Operations, Research


BSc. (Honours) Neuroscience, Minor in Data Science (2016 - 2021)


University of Calgary

I am a student in the BSc. Neuroscience program (minoring in Data Science) at the University of Calgary. My research experience involves working in a computational neurophysics lab at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute on projects related to biophysical modelling of large-scale brain networks and machine learning. Additionally, I have experience in full-stack web development, as well as game, and app development. I am always eager to learn more about, and become more involved in, the interface between neuroscience and technology - and am especially passionate about improving mental health care. Through the Neuro Nexus competition, I hope to further develop and diversify my skillset and connections, while making meaningful contributions to projects in these fields. I am most grateful to have this opportunity, and am looking forward to learning lots from the challenge mentors, and fellow innovators.