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Welcome to the Neuro Nexus Challenge Directory! 

The 2020 Neuro Nexus competition received over 40 challenges related to brain science and mental health from health practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs, industry members, patient advocates all in an effort towards better understanding of the brain and how to recognize and treat neurological disorders and mental health conditions.

Below you will find our challenge database which includes challenges accepted into the program categorized into three unique project tracks: 

  • Industry: Advance, strengthen or test a product by addressing challenges relevant to the firm’s core technologies. These projects often originate from and stay within the firm, and require intellectual property claims to be kept by the firm. Award funding is structured to grant the winning team with an internship at the firm.
  • Research and Education: Projects that seek to accelerate scientific discoveries through tool development or provide improved training for brain and mental health care. Award funding is structured to grant the winning team with an internship at the research lab.
  • Entrepreneurship: Pursue an idea and develop solutions to directly impact brain and mental health practice. These projects may originate from almost any context. Award funding will be provided as seed funding to continue development of your prototype. 

Browse through the challenges by scrolling down and click on a card to learn more. Check back daily as we add more challenges to this featured list. 

Challenge ID: 026
Improving Mental Health Treatment Using Real-time Assessment of Behaviours and Emotions

Champion Name: Gina Dimitropolis, Paul Arnold

Project Track: research-education

Skills Needed: Mobile App Development, Psychology, Digital Illustration,

The COVID-19 pandemic and the unintended consequences of public health measures to curtail the spread of the virus ha…

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Challenge ID: 025
RemBRAINdt: Generating Art from Live Brain Data

Champion Name: Shane Eaton

Project Track: entrepreneurship

Skills Needed: Front-End Software Development, Python, Psychology, Machine Learning, Business, Marketing, Animation, Digital Illustration, Cloud Computing,

Development of RemBRAINdt, an EEG-based application for entertainment, as well as development of a business strategy…

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Challenge ID: 019
An APPetite for mental health

Champion Name: Catherine Swytink-Binnema

Project Track: entrepreneurship

Skills Needed: mobile app design, Mobile App Programming, Nutrition Science, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Behavior Change Theory, Psychology,

Can we build an app that guides people to eat in a way that is both physically and mentally healthy? -- “Diet c…

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Challenge ID: 014
Tech for teletherapy

Champion Name: Huong Hoang; Preeti Kar

Project Track: industry

Skills Needed: UX Design, Psychology, Software Engineering, Website Design, UI Design, Game Development,

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a shift to remote service delivery for many children with neurodevelopmental di…

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Challenge ID: 012
Assistive chatbot

Champion Name: Dave Damer

Project Track: research-education

Skills Needed: Psychology, Machine Learning, Behavioural Science, Linguistics,

Our goal is to build an intelligent conversational Natural Language Processing (NLP) based bot to serve as a personal…

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