2020 Winners


1st Place - RemBRAINdt

RemBRAINdt is an EEG based application that uses machine learning to interpret the user’s live brain data to create dynamic personalized abstract art.

Runner Up - Memory on Hand

Memory on Hand offers an alternative to writing important information down in the moment - wrist-based tactile feedback to help critical information stick.


1st Place - OpticKey

OpticKey is a deep learning artificial intelligence system utilizing ocular fundus photographs to differentiate between typical and atypical optic neuritis classifications.

Runner Up - MOSAICS

MOSAICS is a brain imaging and neurophysiology toolbox that needs a big overhaul to make it user friendly and easy to use.


1st Place - LibraBoard

The LibraBoard provides training, assessment, and biofeedback for balance through gamified rehab exercises, to help users take advantage of neuroplasticity and live life safely.

Runner Up - Happy Seniors

Happy Seniors (Annabot) gives our seniors a personalized uplifting experience at the touch of a button and creates deep insights that shape the future of community health.